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Newborn / Baby Photographer in Mumbai

Life becomes a full circle when you see for yourself, a new life that you made…

Newborn Photography in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Near by Location

Many times people wonder why is it that parents want to photograph their newborn babies. The truth is that your newborn baby is going to be this small only once in its lifetime; your baby will fit in your arms perfectly only once and that is in the first 25 days after birth only. It is a moment worth capturing, a moment only existing once in your and the baby’s lifetime. Those tiny feet, hands, those adorable cheeks and lips, the baby’s curled up poses and newborn prop photography remain unforgettable for years to come.

Newborn Photoshoot is best way to start the journey of your child and of your parenthood and these photographs will remind you of the moment where it all began.

Newborn Photoshoot at your Destination

The best time to photo shoot a newborn baby is in the first 20 days itself because the baby is more flexible and sleepy than after 25 days of birth. These estimates were found in general, however every newborn baby is different and has different flexibility and comfort levels. Every newborn baby photo session is carried out according to the baby’s mood and personality

Payal Gudhaka Photography – Newborn Photographer

I have 3 unique ways to capture your newborn baby’s moments. I offer traditional studio method at my home studio in Mulund where the baby is photographed on bean bags and props with backdrop. I also offer a shoot at the comfort of your home where the newborn is captured in the home environment during a warm sunny day. And lastly with extreme care and precautions we photograph the baby in a prop in the outdoors, preferably around the bushes or flowers of a garden

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